Referents & average values (older)

[Note: The closer the rating is to BNI™ 0.0 the more nutritionally balanced the food is, the larger the BNI™ rating the more nutritionally unbalanced the food is. For newer nutrition values see here.]

Referents (foodBNI)

BNI™ 012.21-f: Oat breakfast cereals (typical)
BNI™ 016.91-p: Oatmilk (typical)
BNI™ 031.00s: Low-fat soymilk (referent) - 2008
BNI™ 034.02s: Low-fat soymilk (typical)
BNI™ 037.24fb: Muesli breakfast cereals (typical)
BNI™ 038.17c: Rice milk (referent) - 2008
BNI™ 042.46f: Standard soymilk (referent) - 2008
BNI™ 043.01s: Ricemilk (typical)
BNI™ 045.04f: Standard soymilk (typical)
BNI™ 052.32s: Fat-free soymilk (typical)
BNI™ 056.49s: Low-fat natural yogurt (typical)
BNI™ 060.12s: Flavored low-fat soymilk (typical)
BNI™ 067.28s: Standard natural yogurt (typical)
BNI™ 078.87s: Flavored soymilk (referent) - 2008
BNI™ 079.47f: Creamy natural yogurt (typical)
BNI™ 085.68f: No-sugar chocolate (typical)
BNI™ 088.61s: Low-fat flavored yogurt (typical)
BNI™ 089.93sf: Standard milk (typical)
BNI™ 090.50s: Fat-free flavored yogurt (typical)
BNI™ 090.66sf: Standard milk (referent) - 2008
BNI™ 092.90s: Flavored standard soy yogurt (typical)
BNI™ 093.43s: Semi-skimmed milk (typical)
BNI™ 095.19s: Semi-skimmed milk (referent) - 2008
BNI™ 095.43s: Standard flavored yogurt (typical)
BNI™ 098.06s: Creamy flavored yogurt (typical)
BNI™ 104.13s: Flavored standard milk (typical)
BNI™ 105.94s: Flavored semi-skimmed milk (typical)
BNI™ 125.72s: Fat-free natural yogurt (typical)
BNI™ 126.91s: Skimmed milk (typical)
BNI™ 126.97s: Skimmed milk (referent) - 2008
BNI™ 127.18s: Chocolate Fish (typical)
BNI™ 129.23fb: Bran breakfast cereal (typical)
BNI™ 129.97s: Pinky (typical)
BNI™ 130.04s: Typical chocolate (typical)
BNI™ 132.34s: Sugary chocolate (typical)

Averages (dietBNI)

BNI™ 008.70c: Oat breakfast cereals (average)
BNI™ 026.77s: Low-fat soymilk (average)
BNI™ 027.08s: Low-fat soymilk (average) - 2008
BNI™ 038.13s: Ricemilk (average)
BNI™ 042.17s: Ricemilk (average) - 2008
BNI™ 043.16f: Standard soymilk (average) - 2008
BNI™ 048.17f: Standard soymilk (average)
BNI™ 054.72s: Low-fat natural yogurt (average)
BNI™ 064.29s: Flavored low-fat soymilk (average)
BNI™ 067.50s: Standard natural yogurt (average)
BNI™ 077.49sf: Creamy natural yogurt (average)
BNI™ 079.18s: Flavored soymilk (average) - 2008
BNI™ 080.47-c: Moose milk (average)
BNI™ 081.45sf: Sheep milk (USDA)
BNI™ 082.73f: No-sugar chocolate bars (average)
BNI™ 083.56f: Bactrian camel milk (average)
BNI™ 083.95f: Yak milk (average)
BNI™ 085.54sf: Goat milk (USDA)
BNI™ 086.80s: Standard milk (average) - 2008
BNI™ 086.93sf: Dromedary camel milk (average)
BNI™ 088.42sf: Standard cow milk (average)
BNI™ 090.26s: Fat-free flavored yogurt (average)
BNI™ 091.56s: Low-fat flavored yogurt (average)
BNI™ 092.68s: Semi-skimmed cow milk (average)
BNI™ 092.77s: Mare milk (average)
BNI™ 093.19sf: Llama milk (average)
BNI™ 094.19s: Creamy flavored yogurt (average)
BNI™ 095.20s: Standard flavored yogurt (average)
BNI™ 096.19f: Reindeer milk (average)
BNI™ 096.37s: Semi-skimmed milk (average) - 2008
BNI™ 101.11s: Flavored semi-skimmed cow milk (average)
BNI™ 104.33sf: Buffalo milk (average)
BNI™ 115.60s: Donkey milk (average)
BNI™ 122.85s: Skimmed cow milk (average)
BNI™ 123.16s: Skimmed milk (average) - 2008
BNI™ 123.53s: Chocolate bars (average) - 2011
BNI™ 124.05s: Chocolate bars (average) - 2007
BNI™ 125.80s: Fat-free natural yogurt (average)
BNI™ 126.94-fb: Chocolate bars & bonbons (average)
BNI™ 128.26s: Sugary chocolate bars & bonbons (average)
BNI™ 140.91na: Cured meats (average)

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