Meals and snacks for a balanced diet

Meals and snacks for a balanced diet

The following foods and meals are among the best balanced nutritionally in the BNI™ database. The following lists of foods and meals are compiled attending to both macronutrient balance and variety. Overall averages are relevant internationally but local foods might only be available in New Zealand and Australia.





The following are close-to-balance pizzas (among flavors):


Balanced meals and recipes, such as:


A balanced diet requires less salt and sugar than we are used to, so condiments may help liven up the new meals. Herbs and spices are used in small quantities. They can be used without worry because their nutritional contribution is rather limited:

Salt and sugar may be substituted with suitable alternatives while transiting to a balanced diet requiring less of both:

  • Salt substitutes, such as LoSalt
  • Sugar substitutes, such as Sweete
  • Low-salt sauces substitutes, such as low-salt soy sauce

An important ingredient acting as a supplement:



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